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Education & Support

As an accredited American College of Surgeons (ACOS) facility, the Community Medical Centers cancer care team is committed to helping the community better understand cancer and its risks, including early detection and ways to prevent, diagnose and treat it. We are dedicated to ensuring constant education and support.

Remarkable recovery after stage four colon cancer and most of liver removed.

Education Services


Resource Library

We offer an on-site cancer resource library at the California Cancer Center, because we know the more a patient and their family knows about your cancer, the better prepared they’ll be to fight it. Our library offers the latest information in disease management and therapy options, and our experienced staff are on hand to answer any questions and explain disease specifics.
2018 Cancer Awareness Calendar

Support Services

We believe in treating the whole person and not just the cancer. Our support services are designed to meet a variety of your needs from the time of diagnosis, into treatment and beyond. We support the patient and their loved ones throughout the cancer journey.

Our cancer care team works with the patient to address the variety of needs associated with a cancer diagnosis. These include the physical components as well as the emotional, social and practical factors, which ultimately impact treatment outcomes and quality of life. Our goal is to ensure all of our patients and their loved ones receive the genuine support and guidance they deserve.

Nurse Navigation

Navigators help patients through their initial cancer diagnosis and guide them through the complex treatments these cancers require, helping patients and their families understand and prepare for their treatment and proceed in a timely way. The personal nurse navigator is a patient’s single point of contact for questions and concerns and is a vital link between patient and the healthcare team. We offer navigation programs for breast, lung, gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary-pancreatic cancers.

Palliative Care

Palliative care focuses on managing pain, symptoms and treatment related side effects. Research has shown that initiating palliative care early on improves quality of life and enhances treatment outcomes.

Rehabilitative Care

Our highly trained rehabilitation specialists provide proactive assessments and individualized treatment to address the various physical and cognitive impacts associated with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Our goal is to improve quality of life while maximizing treatment recovery.
Speech language pathology (SLP) rehabilitation is a vital component to cancer care, provid­ing proactive comprehensive assessments of the multi­faceted impact on speech, voice, swallowing, cognition and language associated with radiation therapy, chemo­therapy, and surgery. SLP rehabilitation offers many clinical and rehabilitative interventions both before and after treatment while ensuring patients and families are educated regarding a variety of conditions.

Specialized Nutritional Care

A registered dietitian will o­ffer you the support and education regarding the nutritional needs you may encounter at any phase of your treatment and recovery. Nutrition services provide patients with clinical support and education regarding the variety of complex nutri­tional needs inherent of cancer treatment, recovery and prevention.