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Cancer Care at Community Regional

We have the specialists and technology at Community Regional Medical Center to give you the top-notch cancer care you deserve.
One of the high-tech tools available to you is the CyberKnife® stereotactic radiosurgery system located at the Charles and Ann Matoian Oncology Unit at Community Regional Medical Center. Community Regional was the first in the world to offer this generation of CyberKnife® technology, one of the newest and most advanced weapons in the war on cancer. This knifeless technology targets cancerous tumors with high doses of radiation delivered with pinpoint accuracy.
Community Regional has the only Lung Nodule program in central California and it’s one of only a handful in the nation. We provide you with a treatment approach designed to give a faster diagnosis and treatment for lung cancer. In this leading-edge program patients are evaluated by a team of specialized clinicians – all targeted to occur within a week of referral. This can make a big difference for our patients, who benefit by having reduced waiting time from detection to treatment, which ensures a greater likelihood of positive outcomes.
We use the da Vinci® Surgical Robot for prostate surgery at Community Regional. The da Vinci Surgical System® gives surgeons and patients alike advantages over traditional surgery like less blood-loss and postoperative pain.

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