Clovis Community Medical Center is proud to lead the way in water conservation by partnering with the City of Clovis as the city’s first and largest private user of recycled water.

This innovative landscape project on our campus has made a big difference for the City of Clovis. Its also changed the way our hospital uses water for landscape irrigation since the project was completed in March 2015.

Our park-like campus features large open spaces with drought tolerant trees, grasses and shrubs – using all recycled water while beautifying our grounds with plants and grass that require less water.

The large grass lawn areas surrounding the exterior of the campus have been planted with a drought-resistant hybrid Bermuda grass which uses about 50 percent less water.

The water we use for our landscape irrigation is recycled water from the City of Clovis through a partnership that helps the city meet their goals for potable (drinkable) water conservation.

The city’s recycled water is not for human consumption,  but can be used for landscape irrigation and other projects. If we did not use this water it would eventually be routed to percolation ponds for evaporation or sent down a creek or canal.

We continue to be very proactive and diligent about potable water conservation inside the hospital as well. The recent expansion and renovation of our hospital allowed for installation of fixtures that use less water by 29 percent for showers, 32 percent for sinks and 63 percent for toilets.

As the drought lingers, we'll continue to look for further opportunities to be good stewards of our limited water resources and partner with area experts to learn more about ways our hospital can save water.

We encourage you to learn more about the use of recycled water for landscape irrigation and have provided some resources here to help Click here for recycled water FAQs.