Please help us recognize the healthcare teams at Community Medical Centers who are working on the front lines and behind the scenes of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic – the everyday heroes that come to work day in and day out. Taking a minute to send an online thank you or note of gratitude will help encourage our caregivers as they go about their critical work during this unprecedented time.
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Notes From Our Community


CRMC you’ve built a great team. Your professionalism, adeptness and agility are the greatest. Keep up your great work. P.S. the food isn’t bad either!


I think it is important in today’s world to acknowledge the positive impact that empathy, compassion and dedication can have in every human circumstance. I will forever be thankful for the dedicated staff at Community for helping me face a challenging, life-changing situation.


All of the skilled doctors on staff, the nurses, CNAs, kitchen staff and custodial staff were consistently kind, patient and considerate. Every one of them helped me keep my spirits up through a very difficult time as I faced an uncertain prognosis.


I went in a pauper and came out a king . . . Everyone there from the janitorial staff to the doctors were friendly and kind. But the nurses, they showed genuine compassion and interest in my recovery. Not only did Clovis Community nurses give me outstanding treatment, but they re-instilled my faith in humanity. You had no idea the impact you had on this man’s life. I think you might now.

Diana Simon

I am eternally grateful to the doctors, nurses and all the staff that were involved in both my dad and mom's care. They were both admitted for Covid Pneumonia and as of this past weekend my dad has been discharged. My mom is still admitted but has come a long way. I believe it was because of the combination of care between the staff in the different departments although I am thankful to the ICU staff that kept me updated and informed of how my mom was doing. I was able to reach out to Dr. Jeff Thomas and as always he is a humble human being. I appreciate everyone but there were a few that stood out for their caring way of talking to them as patients and with me over the phone.

Shannon Hunt

I recently spent 4 days in the ED with Covid Pneumonia. I received amazing care from ALL of the ED staff. I watched the nurses work non-stop with the CV patients. They were nothing short of amazing and I can’t thank them and Clovis Community enough for the outstanding care that I received. THANK YOU!!!!


Hi there! My dad is currently recovering from surgery at the Heart Hospital. The Covid policy restricting visitors, though completely understandable and necessary, has made it tough for us (his family) since we can’t be by his side. So, we are so grateful to his care team (Gail, Matt, Carlos, Dr. Lee and the rest of the team) for keeping us updated and for taking such good care of my Dad. The care you have provided has been outstanding. From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate the hard work and sacrifice our healthcare heroes are making each day. Thank you for taking such good care of my Dad. May God bless you all!


Thank God for real superheroes. Thank you for all you do above and beyond. May God protect doctors, nurses and staff that fight the fight!!!!!


Went to ER with a suspected blood clot. I can’t say enough for all the staff and doctors working under such difficult circumstances, particularly all the renovations and Covid. You are all heroes!

Ezekiel Flores

All the good Ludacris songs. Thank you, nurses.

Christine B

Thanks for your tireless commitment and care.


My husband came to your ED department then was admitted for one week. Everyone was very friendly and kind from day one. I would like to thank Maria at your front entrance as Maria said she remembered me from the day before. She sees so many people come and go and that she made the comment to me on the day of my husband's procedure was very touching. Thank you, Maria.


Thank you

Jennifer Cianci

I would like to take this time to thank all hospital staff who assisted me through the entire process of receiving my left hand carpal tunnel surgery yesterday. At all times, I was treated with courtesy and respect. I typically do not receive such pleasant experiences with other medical professionals under my current insurance, so it not only took me by surprise, it really touched my heart as well. I could see that staff were all very busy, yet they all took the time to smile at me while discussing the process to me and/or with any questions I had in a thorough, yet efficient manner. I feel this kind of professionalism by so many individuals throughout all of the hospital is tantamount to an excellent customer-driven training program.

Juana F

Thank you for saving my life and taking good care of me. God bless you.


Thank you for all you do, you show real love in what you do no matter how hard it my be.

Lou Donaldson

I would like to express my gratitude to the professionalism and personal caring of nurse Ravin in the heart cat post-op area. She truly is an example for all to follow. Again, thanks Nurse Ravin.


Thank you for being an emotionally stable structure I can depend on.


Guy Derek took me to my car and was nice, very helpful.


I want to say thank you to the Home Health Physical Therapists that got me up and walking. Anthony Lee PT, Christina Ramirez PTA, and especially Ava Dickerson PTA. Ava made her visits productive, informative and just the right amount of personal that made me feel confident that my recovery was as important to her as it was to me. Good job, P.T.


RN Jen was taking care of me. She was so soothing and a breath of fresh air. Jen went above and beyond for us.

Molly Lopez

Thank you Martha in labor & delivery, you were an awesome nurse who saved my grandson. You are a hero to us, treated my daughter very good in every way. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND MAY GOD BLESS you in many ways... Sincerely, RAMIREZ family


Received great care. Very kind staff.


I was hospitalized because of COVID. I came to the right hospital. They saved my life, from the ER to to being admitted after and then throughout my whole stay. The staff was awesome, the doctors, nurses and cleaning staff, also the nutrition crew. I felt scared but each and every one of the staff at this hospital was awesome. I can't thank you enough for the awesome job you guys do. I feel so good to know that I met real superheroes with awesome powers. May god bless each and every one.

Jessie Cha

Thank you for being there for our loved ones. Thank you for understanding how difficult this time is for the families of those loved ones in your care. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.

Debbie Johnson

I want to thank the ICU team for taking excellent care of my husband Jim Johnson — 1 month stay. You were so informative and kept me in the loop with all his care.

Nikki D

It was nice to be transferred over to Fresno Community Medical Center for my daughter's oral surgery. The doctors, nurses and surgeons were great!! If given the option in the future I would choose this hospital!! Thank you for your hard work and dedication, especially during this crazy pandemic!!


Louis (PACU COVID OVERFLOW): You are an amazing person!!


A very heartfelt thank you for the front line nurses.


Thank you to all the doctors and nurses for taking care of each patient with compassion and love in these testing times. God protect you all!! Lots of gratitude to your families for supporting you towards saving mankind. ♥️♥️♥️♥️


I would like to thank the whole team of professionals that make up the nursing staff at CCM. I would like to give out a special thank you to Rayanna and Cambria for going above the call of duty in my recovery. THANK YOU


Clovis Community is amazing! Jorge from the outpatient lab is the best. I had a terrible reaction after getting my blood drawn and he was so patient and caring — as everyone in this establishment has always been. Thanks Clovis Community and Jorge.

Gigi Tolentino

We’re truly inspired by your personal commitment to making a difference in these unprecedented and challenging times. We love you! Novz/Freeda/Enzo


I just wanted to send a note of thanks for Tony, a nurse who went above and beyond in the care of my sister Katie Wilma. She was brought to Fresno Community after having seizures in a rehab facility. Tony took the time to make sure I was able to get the answers and updates I needed about my sister. Since I live in San Diego and cannot be there physically, it was extremely comforting to know she was getting amazing care. He even called me back to make sure the doctor had called me and that I had all my questions answered. Truly exceptional work. So thankful for him and the care he provides. Thanks!

Carlos Obregon Cano.

God bless the doctors, nurses, therapists from Clovis UCI department and the 5th floor care. You saved my life... outstanding service and care you provided me during my Covid-19 sickness (during August and September 2020). My gratitude is forever. All of you are in daily prayers. Happy Thanksgiving !


John M. in Neuroscience was a remarkable nurse and was well taken care of when he worked! Kind, attentive and quite knowledgeable, I appreciated his care during my stay.


Thank you so much for working so hard, being on the front line and still being so kind and helpful. I truly appreciate each and everyone of your hard work! May God protect and bless all of you!


Thank God for real super heroes. Thank you for all you do above and beyond. May God protect you doctor, nurses and staff that fight the fight.


I'd like to thank the oncology team on the second floor that goes above and beyond for their patients. Melanie (RN), Joey (RN), Gracie (RN) and Avery (PCA). I'd also like to give thanks to the Cancer Institute Lab staff, especially Karen, Beatrice, Jennifer, and Lyndsay. They make CCI feel like home, just like Olivia (MA and my hero!) on the second floor! Finally, many thanks to Ken in registration for making every direct admit smooth and filled with smiles!


Courtney in the 4th Floor CPU was WONDERFUL. She took such great care of my mom and was so caring. She would call my family to keep us up to date on changes which made it much easier since we could not be with my mom. I cannot express enough how much Courtney's love and attention to my mom and my family made such a difference for us. Courtney is definitely a HERO and deserves to be honored.


Thank you to the nurses that are using your own cell phones so we can communicate with our loved one who is in the hospital. It's the sweetest thing to do and it means so much. Thank you to all that have done this for your patients. ❤️


I had surgery September 17th. From admitting to discharge, the care was beyond excellent. My pre-operative nurse was friendly and professional. My PACU nurse was the best recovery room nurse I have ever had after surgery. I'm also a PACU RN myself and I have had a number of surgeries. My experience at Fresno Heart was the best care I have ever received. My pain was controlled as well as my nausea. The OR team and perioperative team were the best I have experienced having surgery. Due to the Covid-19 I was not able to have family there with me, however the staff made me feel like family and my experience was excellent. Having surgery is stressful and not having family with you makes it even harder, but from start to discharge I was given above excellent care. The RNs on the floor were amazing, my call light was always answered immediately and all my nurses and care partners gave me the BEST CARE! I want to thank everyone that took care of me during my stay. My room was beautiful and I felt like I was at a very nice hotel. The first post-op day was very hard and I was in a lot of pain. My nurses were on top of my pain and my pain was controlled. As I mentioned I have had surgery before and this experience hands down was the best care I have ever experienced. Thank you!!


You’re all doing great work! Thank you.


May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you safe. Appreciate all that you do.


To Randy-ICU: Yet another competent, kind provider. My heartfelt gratitude.


For Cayenne (ICU Nurse). I so appreciate her kind, competent care. She’s an asset to your team.


Thank you for taking such great care of me when I was there recently.

Wendy edd

Thank you for being a good human being you and Megan saved me. You work so hard I really appreciate the kindness you gave me. I had the worst pain ever from a kidney infection. Thank you Matt also very kind. Thank you.


Thank you for the beautiful care that I received when I was there.


Thank you!


Been visiting for an unknown illness, so nauseated and uncomfortable, but the staff is wonderful and makes it so much easier. Thank you for your service!!!


I was there 7/1/20 for some testing and upon leaving my car wouldn't start. I needed a jump. EVERY SINGLE person I came in contact with was so nice. The woman at front doing the COVID screening, the gentleman at front desk, the women checking me in for exams, ultrasound, lab, the valet guy who answered my question and helped me with my car situation, and the security that gave me a jump. The kindness I encountered with the staff made my bit stressful day not seem bad at all. Thank you all!!


Thank you for all your hard work and dedication during this crisis.

Claire W.

Thank you for your dedication to our community.


Grateful for you.


Thank you for serving on the front line of this pandemic.


Angels in scrubs.


Dear Brave Healers, Thank you so much for fighting against the virus. You are risking your own lives to save others, leaving your own families and having to work endlessly. I really, really hope the virus will be gone soon so that you all can rest. Remember: Not all heroes wear a cape.

Alexis (future nurse)

Thank you for being a light in the darkness. Thank you for your sacrifices. Thank you for your strength. Thank you for everything you do. I hope your heart is not troubled or fearful but saturated with peace (John 14:27).


Grateful for you – superheroes in scrubs!


You make the world a better place.


Thank you for helping our everyday lives!