Friday, June 17, 2016 7:06 PM

No ordinary celebration of heroes

How much fun can Hospital Week be when celebrated by an award-winning best workplace full of super-human heroes? So much fun that employees look forward to this dedicated celebratory week in May each year and anticipate the yearly BBQ, and the friendly competition that goes with the organized activities.

For the hospitals in the Community Medical Centers’ network, Hospital Week is no ordinary celebration with refreshments and balloons, why?  Because the effort that goes into delivering quality patient care and the work that supports patient care, goes beyond ordinary. Take a look at all that’s been accomplished together throughout the year and you’ll see what I mean. We’re so fortunate to work in an appreciative, supportive and growth-driven culture that breathes compassion, fuels innovation and rewards excellence in extraordinary ways – for the extraordinary things Community employees (our everyday heroes), do each day.

Hospital Week celebrations take months of planning by creative and dedicated committee members – and thousands of dollars invested by hospital administrations to create a week-long celebration that allows day and night shift employees time to engage in activities and have fun with their co-workers outside of their serious jobs.  Jobs that are often filled with chaos, stress and sadness – sadness felt for their patients and their loved ones dealing with severe injury, sickness and death.

So if you’ve wondered why so much emphasis and investment is placed in one week, it’s because of the employees of Community Medical Centers.  The recognition of employee contributions can be nothing short of extraordinary and because our priority is to our patients, we plan well in advance so employees and department leadership can make schedule arrangements for all employees to have the opportunity to participate in something they enjoy.

Take a look at the Hospital Week highlight videos created by Community Regional Medical Center and Clovis Community Medical Center and visit their Facebook pages for photos captured throughout the week. If you know one of the heroes captured during Hospital Week festivities, like or comment on their photo letting them know what they mean to you or to Community – keep the recognition going.

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