Monday, June 16, 2014 12:00 AM

MyChart gives patients, physicians secure communications

Accessing your health information just became easier with Community Medical Centers’ MyChart electronic health records designed to let patients access their information online. 

This free tool allows patients to see portions of their medical records and view test results, medications, immunizations and allergies using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Patients can also send messages to their healthcare team, request prescription renewals and appointments and see summaries of past appointments or inpatient stays and much more. It’s all part of Community’s pledge to make patients and their families more active participants in their own care.

Many doctors’ offices are now communicating with their patients who have signed up through MyChart. MyChart allows patients to set up preferences for receiving communication. For instance, when a participating doctor’s office updates information, patients can choose to receive an email notifying them. It’s not hard to get started – all that’s needed is an activation code to log on and create the MyChart user ID and password.

All patients 18 and over can receive an activation code by After receiving the code, go to and click the “Sign Up Now” button.

Whether a patient is maintaining good health or a chronic condition, accessing MyChart will let them view:

  • A health summary
  • Diagnoses, tests and results
  • A list of current medications, immunizations and allergies
  • Past or upcoming appointments
  • Dependent’s or child’s medical records
  • Information about preventative care

Most lab test results from a patient’s inpatient stay, emergency room visit or clinic visit at Community, as well as those tests completed by a Community lab, are updated by the morning after the test is finalized. Patients can be reassured their communications are secure and confidential as the information is protected through a series of access codes, personal IDs and passwords. It also uses the most advanced encryption technology available, so that only the patient and his or her healthcare team can access the information.

Another added feature of MyChart is that a family member’s health record can also be accessed with appropriate consents. This is called proxy access and allows you to log into your personal MyChart account and then connect to another person’s MyChart account. Community offers full proxy access. Proxy access requests must be made in person at a patient’s respective Community facility.

MyChart should not be used for urgent medical matters – call the doctor’s office instead. For emergencies, always call 9-1-1 or visit your nearest hospital emergency room.

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