Wednesday, May 8, 2019 2:38 PM

Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery: Show Your Strength, Not Your Scars

Community Medical Centers was recently recognized as the first healthcare network in California and sixth nationally to qualify as a Hidden Scar System of Excellence.

The American Cancer Society predicts that 268,600 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in 2019. Many of these women will require surgery as part of their treatment process. For patients at Community Medical Centers, the Hidden Scar surgical technique offers a less invasive surgical option with effective clinical treatment and minimal scarring.

At Community, a team of the region’s leading breast cancer surgeons perform Hidden Scar procedures. They utilize best-in-class technology to place the incision and remove the cancerous tissue in a discreet location so the scar is not visible when the incision heals.

“They’re just so grateful that someone is thinking beyond just removing the cancer,” Dr. Ibironke Adelaja, breast surgical oncologist, says.

“The goal is that when a woman looks at her breast cancer scar or looks in the mirror, or she is out… she is not thinking about ‘I was a breast cancer survivor’ or that ‘I had breast cancer’.

She looks at herself and feels whole, feels complete, and doesn’t have the reminder of an unsightly scar from her surgery.”

Ask your doctor or call 559.387.1821 to learn more about this procedure.