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Read more about our award winning preceptors and receiving the UCSF APPE Site of the Year in 2017 here.

Residents are required to take five Clinical core rotations-- 6 weeks in length. 

The Clinical core rotations consist of a combination of 5 of the following: Ambulatory Care, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, One Critical Care rotation (resident's choice of Critical Care – Medicine, Surgery and Burn, or Trauma), Emergency Medicine, Transitions of Care, or Neonatal Intensive Care.

Required Administration rotation is for 4 weeks in length.
Required Operations / Orientation Rotation is 4 weeks in length.

Residents are also required to take two elective rotations -- 4 weeks in length.  Residents will choose their elective rotations based on their interests.

Inpatient Pharmacy Rotations (block rotations)

  • Internal Medicine‡ (core and/or elective)
  • Emergency Medicine (core and/or elective)
  • Critical Care - Burn / Surgery (core and/or elective) 
  • Critical Care - Medicine (core and/or elective) 
  • Critical Care - Trauma (core and/or elective) 
  • Infectious Diseases - (core and/or elective) 
  • Operations (core)
  • Pharmacy Administration (core and/or elective) 
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (core and/or elective) 
  • Transitions of Care (core and/or elective)  **not available 2017
  • Medication Safety - Elective
  • Pharmacy Informatics - Elective
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit - Elective 
  • Quality Management / Performance Improvement - Elective

Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Rotation* (block rotation)

(core and/or elective)
  • Anticoagulation Management
  • Diabetes Management
  • Chronic Pain Management 
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Hypertension / Dyslipidemia Management

Longitudinal Rotations

  • Operations
  • Drug Information
  • Research Project

I really felt that the rotations and preceptors are what make this residency program strong and stand out from other residency programs. - Dr. Michelle Chang (2005-2006)


I had an awesome experience rotating through Community Regional Medical Center as a student, and the various unique acute care rotation selections, strong emphasis on teaching, and outstanding preceptors ultimately led me to pursue a pharmacy residency here. The preceptors at CRMC are not only at the forefront of clinical pharmacy, but are also truly passionate about teaching and dedicated to the advancement of the pharmacy profession. - Dr. Jess Ge (2012-2013) 

‡Awarded "APPE of the Year" (rotation of the year) by UCSF School of Pharmacy-Fresno site in 2006 and 2003.
* Awarded "APPE of the Year" (rotation of the year) by UCSF School of Pharmacy-Fresno site in 2007.