Community Medical - Oakhurst

Oakhurst urgent care invests in ultrasound technology

Community Medical Center-Oakhurst has added diagnostic ultrasound to its services for the mountain communities near Yosemite National Park. The urgent care center, open seven days a week, now has the latest in ultrasound technology and an experienced sonographer available by appointment.

Neighbors helping neighbors

One visit to the foothill communities around Yosemite National Park is all it takes to realize how much people who live and work there look after one another.

Oakhurst Clinic

There is one healthcare facility many in the mountain communities around Yosemite National Park rely on to be there for everything from the sniffles to broken bones.

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Look Before You Leap

Whether you enjoy water sports, hiking or camping, mountain recreation offers plenty of entertaining activities. But fun can quickly turn into tragedy if you’re not careful.

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