Safety / Prevention

New child safety seat law in effect Jan. 1

This new child safety seat law prohibits anyone from transporting a child under 8 years old without securing that child in an appropriate child passenger restraint system meeting applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards.

Postpartum Care

In the postpartum unit we have a wonderful team who is dedicated to you, by providing 24-hour care to you and your baby as you recover from the birthing process. You are the most important member of our care team!

The postpartum unit features 15 private and 34 beds in semi-private rooms. We model couplet care – where mom and baby stay together rather than the baby going to the nursery. You and your baby are the most important member of our care team!

Leon S. Peters Burn Center receives grant for burn prevention education

Representatives from James G. Parker Insurance and Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company presented a check for $12,087 to Sandra Yovino, director of burn services at the Leon S. Peters Burn Center at Community Regional Medical Center in downtown Fresno.

Ergo Smart

If just the thought of sitting down at your computer work station makes you cringe then maybe you need to make some changes. A Community Occupational Kinesiologist offers some steps you can take to make a difference in how you feel and how productive you are whether you’re working at the office or at home.

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Heart of the Matter

Discover how a Community Regional Medical Center cardiologist helped a Valley couple get down to the heart of the matter and back in the rhythm of life.

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CSI Nurses

Find out how Community Regional Medical Center is keeping up with the rising interest in crime scene investigation. Meet one forensic nurse whose unique job helps to solve cases.

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Doc with a Block

Taking his own advice to get an annual cardiac stress test starting at age 50 may have saved Dr. Richard Berquist’s life.

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Race Against Time

Community Regional Medical Center physicians are using a new tool to fight a deadly infection called sepsis.

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Look Before You Leap

Whether you enjoy water sports, hiking or camping, mountain recreation offers plenty of entertaining activities. But fun can quickly turn into tragedy if you’re not careful.

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