Interactive TVs engage patients in their healing

The GetWell Network turns the television in patients’ rooms throughout Community Medical Centers' three hospitals into an entertainment and education portal where they can watch video education courses and view discharge instructions tailored just for them – in English or Spanish. Such technology shows patients and their families exactly what improvements they must achieve to be discharged and how to make sure healing continues at home, with videos on how to care for stitches and take their follow-up medication.

Community Regional serves up meals hotel style

Community Regional Medical Center is serving up a whole new dining experience for patients, enhancing high-quality and personalized care. Hospital patients can now have meals on their own schedules by using one of two Blue Sky Room Service models: hotel-style and restaurant-style.

Planning to become pregnant?

Registered Nurse Margie Hill of the Health Condition Management Program at Community Medical Centers offers healthful tips to consider before you conceive.

The potential for birth defects and complicated pregnancies are the last thing anyone wants to contend with when welcoming a new baby into their family. But according to the March of Dimes, nearly 21-million babies worldwide are born prematurely or with serious birth defects.

This hospital food gets recipe requests

Hospital food is often the target of jokes and for good reason.  Most patients are on diets that limit fat, sugar and salt – limiting its flavor.  Open heart patient Vernious Staton was expecting nothing more than the typical bland hospital fare when she was first admitted to Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital for open heart surgery in 2004.  Instead, she was amazed with the quality and tastiness.

MedWatch C-Fit Recipe Challenge - Enchilada Casserole

MedWatch is in the kitchen as we prepare the winning entries from our C-Fit Recipe Challenge. Proof that you can enjoy old family favorites without the guilt.

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