Breast Cancer

Double Mastectomy

With a family history of breast cancer, Jennifer Costello is taking extreme measures to get rid of her cancer risk. After finding a cancerous lump in one breast, she's taking extreme measures — rather than have a lumpectomy and follow up radiation, she’s opted for a double mastectomy and then breast reconstruction.

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Patient puts up fight with double mastectomy, breast reconstruction

Jennifer Costello has “kicked cancer butt” as she vowed to do March 3 before she underwent a double mastectomy and the initial stage of breast reconstruction surgery at Clovis Community Medical Center. She’s completely cancer free with no need for any follow-up radiation or chemotherapy.

A clear breast exam, a big relief

There can be a few anxious moments as a woman waits for that first follow-up mammogram after having breast cancer surgery.  That was true for Theresa Polzien who shared her story with Healthcare Heroes television viewers.

Studying for the Future

Breast cancer treatment in five days. We look at a procedure being testing at the California Cancer Center in Fresno and how it could improve the future of cancer care.

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Pay it Forward

Taking something personal and turning it into something that will help others. That is exactly what a Valley agriculture leader did. Mark Borba and his company, Borba Farms, rallied others to raise funds for a digital mammogram at Community Regional Medical Center in downtown Fresno.

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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Breast MRI Exam Helps Fight Breast Cancer.

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Meet Sheriff Margaret Mims

Meet a woman who has become an inspiration to others battling breast cancer while battling crime throughout Fresno County. Sheriff Margaret Mims speaks to MedWatch about being a breast cancer survivor.

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Team Approach

Breast cancer is widespread, affecting people of all walks of life. See how a collaborative team approach at Community helps patients to create a personalized treatment plan and sets a new standard for breast health.

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