Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital

Chinese delegation researches Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital’s technology

Fresno Heart & Surgical showed off the latest in operating room technology on March 8 to a delegation from China being sponsored by the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at California State University, Fresno.


An active runner finds out if her fatigue and chest pain means open heart surgery.

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Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Keith Boone performs bariatric surgery to help an Atwater woman prevent future medical problems.

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Cardiac scare turns woman into heartfelt advocate

Rosalie Wyckoff, 54, is exhilarated to be able to walk more than a mile every day now. Just a year ago she couldn’t even walk half a block without feeling extremely fatigued.


Beating Heart Surgery

Performing heart surgery while a heart is still beating is not a new surgical technique. Find out why this technique is back in the forefront of cardiac surgery and learn more about its tremendous benefits to patients.

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"Suite" New Setup

Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital is well known by patients for its luxury hotel-like experience and unsurpassed patient care. But find out how two new high-tech operating rooms called “the best in the world” by one doctor are helping to take patient safety and care to an unprecedented level.

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Making the Rounds

Hospitalists are fully trained, board certified physicians but these doctors choose not to have their own medical practices. Instead they treat hospitalized patients coordinating all care from diagnosis and treatment to discharge.

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A Little Dirt Can Hurt

It’s a disease that comes from soil and can enter the lungs through breathing in dust – affecting many in the Valley. Learn how one man contracted Valley Fever, and how a physician at Community Medical Centers has made strides through research and treatment to help.

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Back in Rhythm

Learn how a Reedley man’s 25-year-old heart ailment was cured through the use of a high frequency ultrasound. Tune in to meet the doctor who is proud to be the first to offer this life changing technology in the Valley.

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Heart Hazards

It’s no secret that bad air is bad for your lungs. Hear how one Valley cardiologist explains that it can also be hazardous to your heart.

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