Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital

Wrist Catheterization

Cardiologist Michael Gen at Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital performs a wrist cateterizaton on a woman who has high-risk factors for heart disease.

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Top CT technology arrives at Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital

Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital is the first in the region to be home to some leading-edge technology — a 256-slice CT (computerized tomography) scanner — hauled in by a special lift. The CT scanner captures sharp, 3-D images of the heart between beats.

Hospital Leadership


Wanda Holderman, R.N.
Chief Executive Officer

Hospital earns ‘triple crown’ in medical quality, patient experience

Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital has once again achieved top ratings from HealthGrades® in bariatric surgery and also patient experience, just two months after being recognized as one of 15 hospitals nationwide for intensive care excellence. For patients this “triple crown” recognition is extra assurance they are receiving exceptional care.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

At Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital, we are constantly refining our practices to make your treatment as painless and comfortable as possible. Our specialized team is knowledgeable about the most current procedures and routinely performs minimally invasive techniques with the smallest incisions possible for bariatric, general and some cardiac surgeries.

Hospital employees help reunite dog with San Diego Assemblyman

Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital’s house supervisors have big hearts when it comes to caring for others – especially one bedraggled  little dog who looked lost and alone.


After your physician contacts us to schedule your procedure or surgery, you will receive a telephone call from the scheduling office to pre-register you in preparation for your appointment. We may also schedule you to meet with a pre-admission nurse depending on the procedure or surgery for which you are scheduled. If you are not scheduled for a pre-admission visit, you will receive a telephone call from a pre-admission nurse.

Your Visit or Stay

Outpatient visit
After your procedure or surgery, you will be transferred to the post-procedure area to a private room. Your recovery will be monitored for approximately 2 to 4 hours or as long as necessary to assure you are ready to go home.

Patients are offered refreshments and a light meal. If you have any specific dietary restrictions or food preferences, please communicate this to your nurse. Once settled in your room, family and friends may visit you as you so desire.

Surgery Day

The day of your procedure or surgery

Arrival instructions:

Inpatient, outpatient or sugery procedures
Enter through the hospital’s main entrance. You may stop by the front desk in our main lobby, and staff will be glad to escort you to the registration lobby. If you know where the registration lobby is located, you may go directly there.