Clovis Community Medical Center

First-time parents

Dr. Jeffrey Thomas arrives just in time to deliver a Clovis couple’s first baby.

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Clovis Community CEO begins demolition to make room for expansion

Craig Castro, Clovis Community Medical Center CEO, delivered a message to the crowd before making the first impact to the former administration building.

Valley ag leader gives memorial gift for Clovis expansion

Sayre Miller (left), daughter of Bill McFarlane, and the rest of the Clovis Community Development Council, which works to build and strengthen relationships within the community for continued hospital support.

Clovis bariatrics awarded another mark of excellence

Dr. Edward Felix performs minimally invasive bariatric surgery at Clovis Community Medical Center, which was just awarded another three-year accreditation as a Center of Excellence.

Making the Rounds

Hospitalists are fully trained, board certified physicians but these doctors choose not to have their own medical practices. Instead they treat hospitalized patients coordinating all care from diagnosis and treatment to discharge.

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A Little Dirt Can Hurt

It’s a disease that comes from soil and can enter the lungs through breathing in dust – affecting many in the Valley. Learn how one man contracted Valley Fever, and how a physician at Community Medical Centers has made strides through research and treatment to help.

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Dreams Come True

Find out how dreams of having a baby can come true at Clovis Community Fertility Center, and meet the founder of the fertility center that is now here to stay.

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A Slice of Life

A new CT scanner is raising the bar on patient care at Clovis Community Medical Center. It’s giving doctors a better look inside the patient and helping them diagnose faster and more efficiently.

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Clovis Community - Keeping Pace with Needs

Once again, Clovis Community is looking to a bright future, as construction begins on the most exciting expansion and renovation yet.

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Meet Sheriff Margaret Mims

Meet a woman who has become an inspiration to others battling breast cancer while battling crime throughout Fresno County. Sheriff Margaret Mims speaks to MedWatch about being a breast cancer survivor.

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