Community's CFO talks health care reform

Steve Walter, Community Medical Centers' senior vice president and chief corporate financial officer, talked with Ray Appleton of KMJ radio about health care reform in the Central Valley.

Historic moment as Community switches to electronic health records

Community Medical Centers implemented a state-of-the-art electronic medical record system starting Sept. 28, which is designed to enhance care and service to patients. Now there is one record for each patient in one electronic location, usable by all of those who provide medical care within the Community network.

Terry's House: Through the eyes of the first guest

Nobody had a better reason to celebrate the opening of Terry's House than Yvonne Frear. She didn't know it, but it would be her home for the next eight months.

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Planning to become pregnant?

Registered Nurse Margie Hill of the Health Condition Management Program at Community Medical Centers offers healthful tips to consider before you conceive.

The potential for birth defects and complicated pregnancies are the last thing anyone wants to contend with when welcoming a new baby into their family. But according to the March of Dimes, nearly 21-million babies worldwide are born prematurely or with serious birth defects.

Respite center offers bridge for homeless patients

Fresno’s homeless residents now have a safer place to continue their medical recuperation after discharge from area hospitals. Community Medical Centers, in partnership with other health care providers, has opened the Fresno Medical Respite Center, which will provide eight beds for men at the Fresno Rescue Mission in downtown Fresno and two beds for women at the Mental Health System’s Hacienda Facility, off Freeway 99 in central Fresno.

Cardiac Care

We perform more cardiac diagnostic procedures than any other hospital network in the region – more than 120,000 last year alone – that’s about one every four minutes.

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