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After your physician contacts us to schedule your procedure or surgery, you will receive a telephone call from the scheduling office to pre-register you in preparation for your appointment. We may also schedule you to meet with a pre-admission nurse depending on the procedure or surgery for which you are scheduled. If you are not scheduled for a pre-admission visit, you will receive a telephone call from a pre-admission nurse. When you meet or talk, he or she will ask for your medical history, current health status and prepare you for your upcoming procedure or surgery.

Pre-admission (procedure or surgery) testing
The scheduling office will also assist you in scheduling any relevant pre-operative tests in accordance with your doctor’s orders. In the case of lab tests, you may visit the hospital’s outpatient clinical laboratory during the hours of 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday with no appointment necessary. The scheduling office will confirm the date of your scheduled procedure or surgery as well as the time you will need to arrive on the appointed day.

Interpreters/hearing impaired devices
Any communication needs, hearing or speaking deficits will be identified in the pre-registration/registration process so the appropriate arrangements can be made as well as any necessary resources accessed. Documentation of each patient’s primary language and hearing or speaking deficits will be made in the patient’s medical record as well as noted on the patient’s arm band. The hospital has set up protocols to assure effective and understandable communication assistance in the language(s) of the predominant population group(s) that we serve as well as with patients who may have impaired hearing or speaking skills.

Pre-operative instructions
It is important that you follow any pre-operative instructions given by your physician and/or relayed to you by hospital staff. For instance, you will be instructed by your physician and/or hospital staff to discontinue all food and fluids prior to your arrival time. In addition, you may be asked to discontinue certain medications and/or not take certain over-the-counter agents within days of your procedure or surgery.

If possible, please shower or bathe before arrival. Surgical patients are asked to shower or bathe the night prior and the day of the surgical procedure with Chlorhexidine, an antibacterial soap.