Minimally Invasive Surgery

At Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital, we are constantly refining our practices to make your treatment as painless and comfortable as possible. Our specialized team is knowledgeable about the most current procedures and routinely performs minimally invasive techniques with the smallest incisions possible for bariatric, general and some cardiac surgeries.

Our minimally invasive program is designed to minimize pain, eliminate potential complications, speed up recovery and decrease days spent in the hospital. Our team of physicians performs surgeries through tiny incisions that require minimal stitches by using highly specialized techniques, instruments, magnifying cameras and fiber optic lighting with high definition monitors.

Our weight-loss surgeons, known for their innovative techniques and expertise in the field, routinely practice minimally invasive surgeries for our bariatric program. Minimally invasive treatment options include Laproscopic Band Surgery and Gastric Bypass Revision, which are designed to fit your individual needs.