Cardiothoracic Services

From prevention to diagnosis to complex surgeries, our cardiothoracic services stay a beat ahead, providing effective treatments for your heart and chest. We take a preventive approach through diagnostic testing and biopsies, and our expert team uses innovative techniques to perform cardiac surgery, thoroscopy for detailed looks inside the heart and lungs and stent insertions to open blocked arteries.

Well known for overall cardiac services and awarded five stars in heart attack treatment by Healthgrades®, our cardiothoracic division has a reputation for outstanding quality and service.

We also are proud to be recognized by the Society of Thoracic Surgeons for having patient outcomes that are better than state and national averages – that means fewer complications, faster healing, and shorter hospital stays.

Our partnership in health extends beyond operating and procedural rooms and our Cardiac Evaluation Center provides continuous medical attention and education to support you to full recovery after your surgery or stenting in the catheterization lab. Once you're released from the hospital we also routinely evaluate incisions for possible infections in an effort to prevent possible complications.

Our Cardiac Evaluation Center also offers a preventive approach to your health, evaluating your heart for early detection and treatment. Our Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Program is dedicated to teaching you about heart failure, managing your medications and providing you with ongoing medical supervision to give you the support you need to manage this condition.

Blood Volume Analysis (BVA)
A BVA is a simple test ordered by your physician to measure how much blood is in your body. This updated technology is currently only available in the Central Valley at Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital. There are many medical conditions which alter your blood volume. A BVA can provide your physician insight to diagnose blood volume abnormalities that may not be apparent from a physical exam or other lab tests. It can help your physician confirm a diagnosis and treatment for congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue (anemia), dizziness/passing out (syncope), dialysis, pre/post surgical testing, and severe infection in the blood (septic shock). The information obtained can improve treatments in accordance with the principles of providing the most up to date therapies.