Neonatal Intensive Care

In our Level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) families are our No. 1 priority. While we can provide the highest levels of sophisticated neonatal care, we know that nothing can replace the love and support of family. That is why we have designed our 84-bed, Level III NICU with families in mind.

Our care environment is calm and welcoming, and we encourage family involvement in important care decisions. We provide care for infants with complex critical care needs, including premature infants and babies with a variety of diagnoses.

When I was expecting triplets, my girlfriend told me for the sake of the babies, I needed to deliver at Community Regional because of their great NICU. She was right; it was the best place for me and my babies to be. -Marci delivered Landry, Cayden & Emmi nearly six weeks early.

Our rating as a Level III NICU means we are licensed by the State to care for some of the sickest infants and offer around-the-clock care. All of our nurses and respiratory therapists are specially trained to treat critically ill babies. We have a qualified physician in the hospital 24 hours a day, and our team is always available to respond quickly to any emergency.

We are equipped with the latest advancements in ventilator (device that facilitates breathing), thermoregulation (regulating body temperature) and monitoring technology. We have a dedicated neonatal pharmacist who is an expert in the medications, fluids and nutrition that ill babies need. Our lactation consultant works closely with mothers. We also offer physical and occupational therapy help for our babies.

Providing comprehensive labor and delivery services along with Level III NICU care in one location allows us to keep ill newborns near their mothers and close to their families. It reduces maternal and family anxieties, improves maternal-infant bonding, breast milk production and availability and also reduces postpartum depression.