Lung Nodule Program

Lung cancer is one of the top three cancers that affects Valley residents and often starts as a small nodule, lesion or mass of tissue on the lung. While many nodules are benign, cancerous nodules can grow quickly and require immediate attention and follow up. If caught in early stages, you have more options and positive outcomes.

Community Regional Medical Center has the only Lung Nodule program in central California and one of only a handful in the nation. We provide our patients with an expedited treatment approach designed to give a faster diagnosis and treatment for those with lung cancer.

This cutting-edge program works in an expedited manner where patients are evaluated by a team of specialized clinicians – all targeted to occur within a week of referral. This can make a big difference for our patients, who benefit by having reduced waiting time from detection to treatment, which ensures a greater likelihood of positive outcomes.

Prior to creating our lung nodule program, the average patient with lung cancer in the Central Valley waited almost three months for a diagnosis and treatment plan. Part of this delay was the complexity of decisions and the need for multiple specialists to be involved in the decisions.

To expedite the evaluation and treatment of lung nodules, our team of lung nodule experts conducts weekly meetings to evaluate new cases to recommend a customized course of treatment just for you.

For more information, please call (559) 224-LUNG.