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Surgery Day

Before surgery you will receive an IV to supply necessary medicines and fluids. You may begin receiving anesthesia through this tube. There will be other wires or tubes to monitor your body’s functions, remove excess fluid and help you breathe during surgery. Your hip and knee area will be scrubbed with a germ-killing soap. When the sterilization process is complete, your surgeon will begin.

If you have a caregiver or someone else to care for you at home, you will be discharged from the hospital and a physical therapist will visit you in your home for about two weeks. If you do not have someone to care for you at home, you may continue occupational and physical therapy in a non-hospital based rehabilitation program recommended by your orthopedic surgeon. Your orthopedic surgeon will determine the optimal setting for your post-surgery rehabilitation.

Everyone’s recovery rate is different. How quickly you recover will depend on your physical health before surgery, how complex your surgery was and your determination to get well.

Bring the following items on the day of surgery:
  • Your glasses, dentures or hearing aid, if you use them
  • A walker (if ordered)
  • Shoes with non-skid soles and a closed heel
  • A knee-length robe
  • Clothing that is easy to put on and comfortable to wear home
  • Items you were asked to bring during your pre-admission visit