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Day of Treatment

Patients are asked to wear comfortable clothing during CyberKnife® treatments. Jewelry is acceptable unless it is close to the area being treated. For example, we ask that earrings and necklaces be removed prior to treatment of tumors within the head and neck. Most of all, relax. This is a painless procedure.

A technician will help you onto the treatment table and fit the mask or body mold if needed. Patients are observed throughout the treatment on closed-circuit television, and can pause treatment at any time by waving or speaking to the technicians.

There’s no sedation or anesthesia required. Sometimes patients take naps during their procedures.

While the CyberKnife’s advanced tracking system accounts for movements like breathing, you are asked to lie still during treatments. The system periodically takes X-ray images and compares them to the CT scan data to make sure the radiation beam is locked on the tumor. Treatment procedures take about 30-90 minutes, depending on the complexity of your tumor.

Patients are usually allowed to leave the center once the treatment is complete and go right back to their normal routines. If your physician prescribes treatment that is fractionated, or divided in stages, you’ll need to return for up to four more treatments, depending on the treatment plan.