Performance Excellence


I am pleased to introduce the topic of Performance Excellence (PX), an innovative management and process improvement approach with proven success in institutions such as Mayo Clinic, ThedaCare, Cleveland Clinic and Virginia Healthcare. PX is based upon best practice principles from lean thinking, project management, change management, and Six Sigma. Lean is a systematic approach for continuous improvement through elimination of waste and standardization in care delivery. 
PX is heavily influenced by Lean, the management strategy developed at Toyota, which emphasizes customer needs, quality and staff empowerment. Lean management respects each employee and education is key. 
Why is this important? With healthcare reform, rising costs, and shrinking reimbursements, healthcare must improve quality and efficiency while maintaining positive margins. Organizational goals will focus on the patient, assuring quality, safety, efficiency, and cost controls.  
As we focus through a “lean lens” we will see opportunities to consistently deliver the highest quality, safest and most effective care to our patients, every time. Look for more information in future issues.