The Clovis Culture of Leadership


Good leadership is important for the success of any organization. In a hospital, good leadership is critical to success. Because of its importance, The Joint Commission (TJC) has issued standards defining how we lead. With advice from national experts and clinical leaders, TJC developed a “system” based approach specifying three leadership groups that working together, can achieve that success: 1) the governing body, 2) the CEO and Administration and 3) the Medical Staff leadership. Thanks to some of the best administrative expertise in the country: Tim Joslin, CEO Community Medical Centers; Craig Castro, CEO Clovis Community Medical Center and the Board of Trustees, our hospital excels on these fronts, completing the Clovis Community Medical Center expansion project for the future of our patients and our community. As a Trustee, I am personally very grateful to these individuals that our financial success never required us to make a life or death decision or deny acquisition of medical technology or resources that our physicians needed to benefit our patients.

For Clovis Community Medical Center, the most ethically important system based success is the provision of high quality and safe patient care. The Medical Staff leadership works with Administration and the Board on this front. But, only physicians can legally provide clinical oversight of other licensed practitioners like doctors, podiatrists, nurse practitioners, etc. Moreover, as TJC repeatedly states, “these clinicians’ decisions determine the use of much of the hospital’s resources and the cost of providing high quality and safe care.” It is obvious that the Medical Staff leadership role in working with our colleagues is absolutely critical 
to success!
The Board of Trustees, with ultimate responsibility for quality of care, works with Administration and entrusts Medical Staff leadership to ensure the best possible and most efficient care. These are not options for us. These are requirements of us. As we move forward into this brave new world of health care reform and quality based payment reform, working collaboratively as a system with the hospital becomes our utmost priority.
I am very proud to be trusted to provide leadership for our Medical Staff during these challenging times. We are all in this together, and we will succeed together. I implore my fellow Medical Staff leaders and my Medical Staff colleagues to rise to the occasion. We shall overcome any challenges, and foster the collaboration that will allow us to achieve a mutually beneficial success.