Pill for Improvement - Lean


What is lean? It is a systematic approach for creating standardization and continuous improvement through the identification and elimination of waste that drives efficiency and quality while adding value to the patient experience.
Five key principles of lean: 
1. Define VALUE from the patient’s perspective. 
2. Align processes and resources in VALUE STREAMS & SERVICE LINES. 
3. Create CONTINUOUS FLOW of services, products, people and information. 
4. Establish a learning organization with RESPECT and SAFETY FOR PEOPLE. 
5. Strive for perfection through CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.
Lean is a process improvement methodology and management improvement system; it’s not a set of cookie-cutter procedures. Each hospital has its own bottlenecks, waste points and culture. Performance Excellence (PX) tools are scientific methods of finding opportunities, problem solving to identify the cause(s) and then developing corrective actions. 
Common goals are to establish standardization, reduce costs, improve predictable outcomes and the overall care experience for providers and patients. 
Suggested Reading:
On The Mend by John Toussaint, MD and Roger Gerard, PhD