Physician Spotlight: Robert S. Savluk, MD, Critical Care Medicine


This issue features a physician who has spearheaded Critical Care throughout the Fresno area – including right here at Clovis Community. Dr. Savluk is one our most respected physicians. There is no greater honor than being recognized by your peers – with this in mind, here are comments from a few of Dr. Savluk’s colleagues:
John Garry, MD
Colon & Rectal Surgeon
I have known Dr. Savluk since I first started my surgical practice in 1986. Bob was always my “go-to” ICU doc when I had an ill patient or just needed medical advice in the care of my patient both pre- and post-op (or for fishing tips as well!). He was instrumental in developing the protocols for the ICU program at Fresno Community Hospital and introduced the highest standard of ICU care to Clovis Community Medical Center as well. Bob Savluk is clearly respected by the nursing staff and is well regarded as a true servant leader. His dedication to quality is unwavering and he continues to deliver the highest quality of care, with superb clinical judgment, and sound organizational leadership. As time has passed and the census and level of patient complexity have both increased, Bob, along with his group at Clovis Community, continues to keep the ICU care second to none.
Michael D. Alch, MD
Emergency Medicine
Dr. Savluk is a brilliant clinician who has saved many patients. Surgeons and families value his care of post-op patients with major complications, which often results in recovery when the outcome had looked rather grim. His fund of knowledge is as extensive as any other physician I have ever known. 
Joseph Tannous, MD 
Dr. Savluk has a wealth of knowledge and experience; he handles the sickest patients calmly and efficiently. We have great confidence in his skills and are fortunate to work with him. 
Bradley Ellis, MD
Dr. Savluk is one of the most highly respected physicians at Clovis Community Medical Center. He has always been helpful, courteous and responsive in patient management regardless of the time or his workload. His knowledge is extensive and I have learned quite a bit from our patient discussions. Despite the increased availability of interventional radiology, he still does most ICU procedures himself. He exemplifies the physician qualities toward which we all should strive.
Karen Clary, RN
ICU Manager
The 17 years I have worked with Dr. Savluk have seen many changes. Our ICU is no longer the little department overlooking the orange trees. The only worry I ever have is when he returns from a convention, knowing a new purchase will be requested to ensure our technology is the highest quality for our patients. Dr. Bob is a wonderful mentor to the ICU and Respiratory Care staff, with daily rounds and in-services. His patients are always extremely sick and very complicated, but he never gives up on them. We are so fortunate to work with such a dedicated physician and leader.