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The Epic Dictionary
Several common abbreviations will now be replaced by the full term, by simply typing the abbreviation in your note. You can also add your own personal abbreviation to the dictionary. There is a brief “Tip Sheet” available on the Forum for this or you can retrieve this by contacting the Informatics Department.

Activities in Epic/Sidebar Unavailable?

Click on the “Resize” button in Epic on the upper right-hand of the screen. This will restore your previous view.

When Placing Consults

After placing the phone call for the consult be sure you place the consult order in Epic. This will automatically add that patient to the provider list, and make the other clinicians aware of the plan.

Help Button

In the upper right corner of your Epic screen there is an icon with an envelope and a question mark. Click this to report non-urgent problems. This will take a screen shot, allow you to make comments and auto-route it to the Informatics Team for resolution. We will then reply back in your In Basket regarding our findings.

Pin Your Note to the Sidebar 

When writing a note, you can click the icon in the right-hand corner of the note to pin your note to the Sidebar. This will allow you to navigate in the chart to view results, etc. while keeping your note open.

Please Contact Informatics For:
 • Help with any of the tips listed above
 • If you have too many favorites and would like to get them cleaned up
 • Would like help creating a Note template
 • Need a general Epic refresher

Bonnie Brock, RN
Clinical Informatics Manager
(559) 324-3998

Cathryn Christensen
Clinical Informatics
(559) 324-4037