Behind the Scenes: Flow Nurse Team


Certainly you are familiar with the nurses who dispense medications, treat wounds and care for patients at the bedside. Did you know that there is a team of nurses who work behind the scenes? This group of nurses assures that when patients are ready to leave the hospital, they are discharged to the appropriate place, with all the equipment, medications and knowledge needed to complete the healing process. 
The journey through the hospital from the moment patients walk in the door, to when they arrive at their discharge destination is called, “Throughput.” The Flow Nurse’s challenge is to make that journey as efficient and effective as possible. Making sure that patients do not stay in the hospital longer than necessary also helps to make beds available. 
The Flow Nurses are partners and valuable resources to the bedside nurses, physicians and case managers who are caring for patients during their hospitalization. They consistently study and collect data to improve the process of the many factors of “Throughput.” As our hospital grows to meet the demand of a steadily increasing patient population, the role of the Flow Nurse becomes more valuable. 
Patients might not ever meet the Flow Nurse team during their hospitalization, but now you know that these incredible nurses are working to transition patients through each phase of their hospital stay to a safe and effective discharge. 
If you would like to have your discharge instructions reviewed and customized, please contact the Flow Nurse team at 324-3924 or by email at:
• Amanda Rivas:
• April Thorson:
• Julie Gilpin:
• Anissa Montalvo:
The Flow Nurses report directly to Nursing Administration Director, Kathryn Kawaguchi. Contact her directly at: or 324-4927.