Support for Terry’s House continues

The day before it opened to families, a giant check walked through the door of Terry’s House with staff from Outtakes – an upscale coffee boutique with gifts at Community Regional Medical Center – during the Jan. 10 open house. The staff decided they would save all of their tips to donate to Terry’s House to help those in critical need. All of the Outtakes employees have participated since the coffee shop opened in July. They all agreed that “Tips for Terry’s House” was a perfect idea according to Steve Mikitish, director of nutrition and dining services at the hospital.

“When I buy coffee at Outtakes, I’m happy to leave my change,” Mikitish said.  “I know it’s all going for a great cause.”

Mikitish said the staff at Outtakes probably sees more employees, visitors and patients than any other department in the hospital and the employees have really enjoyed “giving” back. Mikitish said they’ve almost raised $5,000, which continues to grow each week.  The goal for 2011 is $10,000 – which, he said, should be a piece of cake (with coffee).

Another treat the public and employees experienced on the grand opening of Terry’s House was free Pepsi beverages as everyone wandered throughout the complex on informal tours. Thanks to a special $5,000 grant from the Pepsi Bottling Group, Terry’s House was able to purchase its kitchenware and stock up on drinks for those who will be staying in the house over the months to come. As a national incentive, Pepsi employee Robert Buerger applied for, and won the grant for Terry’s House. Each month Pepsi will deliver cases of drinks to Terry’s House for the guests’ use and provide a cooler to stock it in.

This story was written by Mary Lisa Russell. She can be reached at