Rehab coordinator’s commitment to Community brings Ultimate Award

As a young man Jeff DiMarco longed for a career with day to day changes and the ability to help others. Every day, he saw his life as a gift and wanted to share it with the people around him. DiMarco decided nursing would be the perfect fit.

He has dedicated his time to finding, creating and providing community resources for Community Medical Centers’ patients and families, while being a self-motivated worker. And for his commitment to Community, DiMarco was selected as one of the Ultimate People of 2009.

The Ultimate People program was launched by Community Medical Foundation to honor employees and physicians who distinguished themselves with service to Community’s health care network and to the Foundation.

“My life is a gift and I want to use that time wisely,” said DiMarco, registered nurse and referral activities coordinator for Community rehabilitation services. “What we do here at Community matters. I like the fact that I don't have to go home at night and wonder if what I did today made any difference — I know it did.”

For 10 years, DiMarco has facilitated Community’s brain injury support group as well as participated in California Brain Injury Association activities. In 2001, he was manager of the Leon S. Peters Rehabilitation Center and in his current position has helped patients and their special needs.

“I feel fortunate to have a job at Community and even more fortunate that my bosses and co-workers rock,” said DiMarco, who has been with Community for 15 years. “I'm a lucky guy so the least I can do is work as hard as I can, while I can.”

Sincere, kind-hearted and enthusiastic are just a few words that most of his co-workers often use to define him. They say he has gone above and beyond the call of duty, even as far as visiting patients just to see how they are doing.

“Jeff has a wonderful reputation among the staff for being very professional,” said Virginia O’Connell, manager of the Peters Rehabilitation Center. “He is an excellent communicator and listener. His people skills are legendary and he’s genuinely concerned about others. He always has time for a smile and a kind word for all.”

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