Realizing a Baby Dream

Many couples dream of having a baby – but for some that dream may need a little help before it becomes a reality.

At Clovis Community Medical Center’s fertility center, a dedicated team of physicians and nurses focus on providing personalized care for those experiencing difficulty in conceiving.

The center has helped couples start families since 1985. It is the only fully accredited Level 3 fertility program in the Valley and draws patients from all over the globe.

Once a part-time physician, fertility center founder and co-director Dr. Carlos Sueldo is back permanently after years of dividing his time between Clovis Community and his practice in Argentina.

“When my family and I moved to Argentina in 2000, I still kept up contact with our director, Dr. Michael Synn, and returned every six weeks to help with the patient treatment procedures,” Dr. Sueldo said.

After eight years of traveling back and forth between Clovis and Argentina, Dr. Sueldo chose to settle permanently in the Clovis area to be closer to his family and practice.

“With all three of my kids living in the United States and my daughter now starting her residency in Fresno, I felt it was time to move back,” Dr. Sueldo said.

Dr. Michael Synn, the fertility center’s director, is thankful to have his co-director back for good.

“I think that together, Dr. Sueldo and I make a great team,” he said. “I have been blessed to have been trained by him. Without him this technology would not be available in this area.”

Having Dr. Sueldo on a full-time basis is great news to Dr. Synn’s team and special families like the Andersons, who recently added two beautiful girls to their family with help from the fertility center.

“We had been trying to have a child for three years,” Elizabeth Anderson said. “It was not until a friend recommended the Clovis Community fertility center that we thought to give fertility treatments a try.”

Taking their friend’s advice, the Andersons decided to meet with Dr. Synn and his staff to discuss the best options.

“We found out that we had a 1% chance to conceive naturally. When they give you those kinds of numbers all you want to do is everything you can to get that baby,” Anderson said.

The Andersons’ first step in the fertility process was to try artificial insemination.  

“We first tried artificial insemination with Elizabeth, which is when a husband’s sperm is prepared to be used for insemination in a pap smear,” Dr. Synn said.

After no success with artificial insemination the couple decided to go a different route – in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

“In-vitro fertilization has become the most effective form of fertility treatments,” Dr. Sueldo said. “It allows patients to develop multiple eggs through the process of ovarian stimulation. When the eggs are ready, they are retrieved through surgery and mixed with the husband’s sperm and placed back into the patient.”

After the first try with IVF, Anderson became pregnant.

“Elizabeth is a fantastic young lady; we are very pleased it was a success, as we are with all our patients that are successful with their treatments,” Dr. Synn said. 

Stories like Anderson’s are not uncommon to the staff at the fertility center.

“Over the last six months we have had excellent success rates, well over the national average,” Dr. Sueldo said. “If it were not for the support of Community Medical Centers, we would not have the resources of so many success stories today.”

Picking up 3-year-old daughter Isabella, and placing her next to newborn sister Ava, Anderson said she has been blessed.

“We have had the chance to have two children through the Clovis Community Fertility Center. It’s a miracle that I am so thankful for,” she said.

Both Drs. Synn and Sueldo agree that each success is not seen as just a positive test result, but a wonderful addition to a deserving family.

“The care that you will receive from them is unlike any other,” she said. “They made our dreams come true.”

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This story was reported by Kelsey Baker. She can be reached at