Fresno treats English patient's kin like royals

Marina Hambly was a continent away from her London home, vacationing with her family at Yosemite National Park, when her husband had a massive stroke. While he recovered in a Fresno hospital, people took extraordinary steps to give Hambly and her 11-month-old daughter a home away from home.

As a medical helicopter flew Patrick Hoare, 48, to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno on July 11, Hambly thought only of the emergency care her husband needed.

But she needed help, too.

Hambly had no idea where she and 11-month-old daughter Lily could stay -- or who she could turn to for help.

Community Medical Centers is building Terry's House at Fresno and R streets, a place for out-of-town families to stay while visiting critically injured or sick loved ones. But the two-story home won't be ready until November. So the staff rallied to support her and her baby.

Dr. Tanya Warwick, medical director for the hospital's stroke program, was the neurologist on call when Hoare arrived in Community's emergency department. Warwick learned her English patient's wife was stranded in Fresno with a baby. She invited the distraught Hambly and Lily to stay at her Fresno home.

By Barbara Anderson, The Fresno Bee