CyberKnife® at Community Regional Medical Center – the world's only robotic radiosurgery system designed to treat tumors anywhere in the body – was upgraded to make treatments available to a wider selection of patients. The technology upgrades will provide faster treatments that can be better customized for individual needs, greater safety and patient comfort.

Physician assistants are a valuable resource when it comes to patient care at Community Medical Centers. However, not many people know what this job entails and what a P.A. does. Here's a little insight into the job and how our P.A.s work to give our patients the best of care.

Prostate cancer patient Robert Steinman receives knifeless surgery from CyberKnife as Dr. Douglas Wong monitors the procedure.

Healthcare Heroes episode #1011.3

A specially-trained nurse prepares patients for neurosurgery.

Healthcare Heroes episode # 1010.3.

Take a look back at Terry's House — how it has helped and the lives it has changed — a year after opening its doors to families with loved ones in critical care at Community Regional Medical Center.

After spending almost a year at Community Regional Medical Center, patient Marco Fuentes was released to go home. He had necrotizing pancreatitis, an infection of the pancreas, which ate away tissue, including his intestines. To keep him alive, Fuentes was on intravenous feeding for 11 months and two weeks.