Learn how a Reedley man’s 25-year-old heart ailment was cured through the use of a high frequency ultrasound. Tune in to meet the doctor who is proud to be the first to offer this life changing technology in the Valley.

Find out how Community Regional Medical Center’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy helped in healing one Valley woman’s ongoing wound.

Pacemakers are now smaller, easier to place and easier to maintain. Learn how its advancements have one Valley man keeping pace with life.

Find out how Community Regional Medical Center is keeping up with the rising interest in crime scene investigation. Meet one forensic nurse whose unique job helps to solve cases.

Community’s physicians, nurses, anesthesiologists and staff have a statewide reputation for their work in bariatric, or gastric bypass surgery. Many use the surgery as a last resort to lose the pounds that put them at risk for such problems as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Hear from a patient who did just that.

Most births do go according to plan, but when they don’t and a baby gets stressed caregivers have to make quick important decisions. Find out how Community Regional is helping mothers and babies alike with the first of its kind technology, new to the United States.