Terry's House welcomes dogs with pet-friendly room

Meet Jesse, one of Terry’s House’s most recent guests. Jesse may be shorter and furrier than many of the visitors at Terry’s House, but in his pet-friendly room, Jesse felt right at home.

Terry’s House offers a pet-friendly room to guests, inspired by long-time supporters and friends of Terry’s House, Jim and Debbie Christian and their Labrador, Sunnie. The room contains amenities including tile flooring, a dog crate coffee table, food and water bowls, clean up supplies and even dog food.

Like many of the families who have stayed in the pet-friendly room, Jesse’s family was grateful. They stayed at Terry’s House while their son Scotty recovered from a mountain biking accident. They wrote:

“I really want to thank you for the stay at Terry's House. My family went from a great start to a summer vacation to a real bad situation in a second… Terry's House gave us a place to stay real close by and piece of mind to leave Jesse so we could tend to Scotty. That was so important to us I can’t thank you enough…Thanks again for being there for us. Jesse especially says "BARK BARK. Love - Keith, Melodee, Scotty & Jesse”

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This article was written by Nicole Germano. She can be reached at MedWatchToday@CommunityMedical.org.