Quilt depicts ovarian cancer stories

Each year something very special happens on the balcony at the California Cancer Center – the lives of women with ovarian cancer are celebrated with the unfurling of a quilt in their honor. But even more special than that – the 15 squares that make up the quilt were made by the ladies themselves.

The tradition of the quilt hanging ceremony began about a decade ago. The women, part of a cancer support group at California Cancer Center, worked on the quilt, and the pieces were sewn together by a nurse at the center.

Marjorie Pacini, a 16-year ovarian cancer survivor treated at the California Cancer Center, spoke about her journey with the disease at this year's Ovarian Quilt Hanging Ceremony.

Due to the nature of ovarian cancer, most of the ladies represented on the quilt have lost their fight with the disease, but they are remembered and their lives celebrated through this intricate quilt.

Jennifer Avila-Allen reported this story. She can be reached at MedWatchToday@CommunityMedical.org.