Fresno Bee Letter to the Editor: Surreal experience

Sept. 11, 2001, promised to be an exciting day because I was starting production of a series of public service announcements for Community Medical Centers. Commuting via motorcycle, I had no radio to hear the news, so when I arrived at the helicopter pad to film a sunrise shot of an air ambulance landing; I was surprised to learn there was a hitch with the aircraft flying that day.

I quickly went into the trauma center to find out what was going on and discovered a number of medical workers and patients standing around the only TV in the area. While showing replays of the first tower being hit, the news anchor interrupted with live footage of the attack on the second tower.

Watching the Twin Towers fall while witnessing actual life-saving efforts by the Community trauma team has been one of the most memorable and surreal experiences of my life. It also made me more fully appreciate what must have been taking place in the New York City area trauma centers that morning.

Doug Morris