Why is there a motorcycle in the hospital lobby?

Terry's House Blog Editor: July 31, 201215 Comments

 All employees and visitors to Community Regional Medical Center will now have an opportunity to see the beautiful motorcycle we are raffling for Terry’s House AND can purchase tickets right at the hospital.  The motorcycle is a brand new 2012, never been ridden, 103 cubic inch Dyna Switchback Harley Davidson and it is now parked in the main lobby of Community Regional for everyone to see!  This bike can meet your every mood as you can cruise with the windshield and saddle bags in place or turn it into a sporty looking bike by easily removing the saddle bags and windshield.  A big thank you to Steve Mikitish and his crew in Outtakes for allowing us to sell the $20 raffle tickets in the café and coffee shop. 

As a trauma center we are always concerned with safety and injury prevention.  Not only will this motorcycle provide some much needed funding for Terry’s House, it also will afford us the opportunity to do some injury prevention education.  In conjunction with the raffle, we are in the process of putting together a motorcycle safety video. We also are going to provide a helmet and a motorcycle safety course to the lucky winner of the motorcycle!  How cool is that? Thanks to a generous private donation and Fresno Harley-Davidson, this motorcycle raffle is possible with ALL proceeds going to Terry’s House. 

The raffle tickets are $20 each and the drawing will be held at the employee Christmas lunch on December 4th.  Check out the motorcycle in the hospital lobby at Community Regional Medical Center and purchase a $20 ticket (or several) at Outtakes Café to support Terry’s House!

15 responses to Why is there a motorcycle in the hospital lobby?

Winner of the Harley was....

Please take look at our video on the reaction of the winner, see photos and read more at: http://www.communitymedical.org/news-events/blogs/terrys-house/winner-winner


Where can I look up the winner? My ticket no.1782

So who was the

So who was the winner???????????

Who was the winner?

Who won the the Dyna Harley?


Has there been a winner for the motorcycle...I have been out of town and unable to check this. CM

Harley Raffle tickets

Any left?


Tickets can still be purchased in person at CRMC Outtakes Cafe, at Fresno Heart Administration, at Terry's House or online at TerrysHouseFresno.com We will draw the winning ticket on Dec. 4th at 12:30pm during the CRMC employee holiday meal. Good luck!!!!

only employees can buy the

only employees can buy the tickets?

are you advocating motorcycle

are you advocating motorcycle riding with all the mptorcycle crashes that come in? we call them donorcycles!

Safety is KEY...


Although motorcyclists, as well as bicyclists and pedestrians, are more vulnerable to injury in traffic collisions than individuals in automobiles, with the right equipment and training, the sport can be both fun and safe.  We’re taking these extra steps to ensure just that. We always recommend proper training and appropriate use of equipment when enjoying your favorite motor bike. To this end, Community has teamed up with Fresno Harley-Davidson to provide a top-rated helmet and safety training course for the raffle winner.

Check out the motorcycle safety video below. 



What if you are not an

What if you are not an employee at the time the drawing is held? Will the winner still be notified?

Is it possible to make

Is it possible to make tickets available at other facilities (like Clovis) for those of us who are not able to make it downtown to purchase them there?

TerrysHouseFresno.com for raffle tickets

Tickets are currently only being sold at Outtakes inside Communit Regional. But, you can also purchase tickets online at www.terryshousefresno.com too!

where can we buy tickets at

where can we buy tickets at clovis hospital?

Purchasing online is an option...

Tickets are currently only being sold at Outtakes inside Communit Regional. But, you can also purchase tickets online at www.terryshousefresno.com too!

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