Travels of the Motorcycle-Revisited

Terry's House Blog Editor: June 04, 20123 Comments

On Saturday, May 19, 2012 Terry’s House supporters attended the 12th annual California Rendezvous Bike Show to showcase the motorcycle that is being raffled off to benefit Terry’s House, a hospital hospitality home that cares for the families of our critically ill or injured patients at Community Regional Medical Center in downtown Fresno.  The volunteers had a great time and sold several tickets.  This blog is G rated so, unfortunately, I will not be able to share pictures with you from that event.  Let’s just say they had a wild and crazy time and met some very interesting people.  Another plus from this event is the two volunteers (Steve and Ron) that attended had never met before yet became fast friends. 

On June 2, 2012 Tony Bennink took the bike on an impromptu trip to CRU winery for their “CRU pick up party”. There were many gracious people at this event with over 50 tickets sold in 2.5 hours!   As you can see by the picture below, one hopeful owner is Richard Spenser, the president and founder of CRU Winery.  Not only did Tony sell several tickets he also was able to sample some great wine and appetizers.   We have more plans to return to CRU winery for future events.  CRU winery has been a big supporter of Terry’s House and we truly are grateful to them for all they have done and plan to do.   

Throughout the summer our tireless volunteers will be attending several events in the valley to sell raffle tickets for the motorcycle.  There also are future plans to sell tickets at the hospital.  Our next event will be at the Spokes and Rods       first annual event at the Fair Grounds on June 9th.  Watch this blog for future postings and for the countdown on how long it takes for us to sell a total of 5000 tickets. 




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Travels of the Motorcycle-Revisited

Nice exposure for the raffle of motorcycle at CRU Winery, I just hope the cycle was trailered in and had a designated driver!


I was also at the Rendevous and can understand why it would be difficult to post pics from there. Where can we buy raffle tix for this bike? What make/model/year is it? How much are the raffle tickets?

I just love stories like

I just love stories like these!

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