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We had an incredible time out at the Fresno Fairgrounds on June 9th at the 1st Spokes-N-Rods Festival to benefit Terry's House! I am so proud of the team that put this event together and ALL that they accomplished this first year! Before I recap the event for those of you that missed it, I want to take a moment to thank a few KEY people that made this day possible.

Jim Christian - YOU are a true visionary and leader! I am so grateful for your passion, determination and dedication to the success of Terry's House. So many families that have (and will) benefit from the services Terry's House provides hold a special place in their hearts for people like you! This event was your idea and boy, was it a GREAT one! You poured so much love, generosity, time and talent into the planning of a single day... what a legacy you are creating! You are a true example to all and are admired by so many! Congratulations on this first year and I look forward to many more! This crew is lucky to have you at the helm, and I am lucky to call you a friend!

                                   Jim Christian (pictured below right) "Leader of the Pack"                                                                                                              Photo Compliments of Alex Centrella Photography


Eric Lindegren - YOU are a talented young man and we are all so grateful for the countless hours you spent ensuring that this event was a success! From the website (SpokesNRods.com), to the coordination of all event materials and organization of the day's events (not to mention taking charge of every other miscellaneous request and task) ... you did a tremendous job! You have been so wonderful to work with and none of this would have been possible without your kind heart and the giving of your time and talents to this cause! You should be so proud of what you helped create! It is truly spectacular! Thank you!



Cara Mathews (Mathews Harley-Davidson) - We could not be more thankful for your amazing support and sponsorship of this event! Your willingness to share your experience was key in helping us mold this event into what it became and your willingness to lead the charge for our event vendors was beyond generous and successful! We couldn't have done it without YOU! The number of vendors you secured and coordinated (without one glitch, I might add...) was beyond our committee's wildest dreams and we could not be more glad and grateful that YOU were part of our team. I simply love working with you and look forward to more fun at Terry's House with you and your family! You are a very special thread in the fabric of this House. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us!       








Michelle Korman (UPS) - You never stop amazing me! Spokes-N-Rods is just another example of your kindness and ability to bring people together for the greater good! You managed to ensure that we all had so much fun planning this event and that we enjoyed the process every step of the way! Your ability to bring out volunteers is beyond comprehension and you've been doing it since the start of Terry's House... This day wouldn't have been do-able without those folks out there supporting us the day of. I am so thankful to have you on our team and look forward to many more fun events in the future! Thanks for your steadfast friendship and commitment to raising the bar and rising above the rest in ALL you do!











The Spokes-N-Rods Festival was a day-long, fun-filled event that brought both car and bike enthusiasts together along with the general public in support of Terry's House! 6000+ people enjoyed the car show (nearly 150 cars on display), motorcycle show (nearly 70 bikes on display), a vendor alley that consisted of 70+ booths, live performances by local party favorite - the MoFo Party Band and 2010 Blues Artist of the Year - Tommy Castro! The World's Fastest Indian was on display and we had a live stunt show performed by the American Daredevil himself, Bubba Blackwell! Bubba came back later in the day to attempt the much anticipated jump over a fleet of 10 semi-trucks on his Harley-Davidson XR-750! I'm happy to report that after some scary wind advisories and many warm-up attempts... HE MADE IT!!!

We had incredible weather and couldn't have asked for more fun and great exposure for Terry's House! Check out some pictures from the event below and visit http://alexcentrella.com for more from this event!

Stay tuned and check out spokesnrods.com for updated 2013 event info soon! See y'all next year!!!

Many thanks to Lynn and Tony Bennink, The Penstar Group, Jeff Kroeker, Helen & Kelly McNary, Valley Wide Beverage Company, Todd Kezerian, Soldiers For Jesus M.C., Christy Warner and Alert-O-Lite, Gary Castro and KRC Safety, Dave Christian Construction, Mid Valley Labor Services, Lauri King, Community Regional Medical Center, Dave Knott, Tim Graber, Sarah Pruner-Gunland and Kathleen Selness from Jeffrey Scott Agency, Carl Cox, ABC 30, American Ambulance, Sid and Nicole Chacon, Alex Centrella Photography,  La Maison Guild Members, UPS employee volunteers, NOtown Roller Derby girls and many more for making this event possible! 

Christa M. Short                                                                                                                                                                                             Executive Director, Terry's House



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