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Terry's House Blog Editor: March 20, 20137 Comments

Last Sunday, March 17th, Terry’s House excitedly welcomed approximately 30 volunteers into our home-away-from-home as part of an annual city-wide volunteer movement inspired and organized by The Well Community Church. This day-long invitation and challenge to serve our community is better known as, “Serve Dei”.

These enthusiastic volunteers joined forces to accomplish four very special “projects” to benefit Terry’s House and current house guests over the course of the day.

Project #1: Tri-tip for Terry’s House…
Not only did this group BBQ an incredible 50+ pounds of tri-tip, they served the perfectly cooked and seasoned meat with “fully-loaded” baked potatoes (nearly 100 of them went through our ovens!), green garden salad and dinner rolls! Oh, and can’t forget dessert… Strawberry shortcake!!! Our 60+ house guests were in heaven! The volunteers even went so far as to box up “to-go” orders so that they could conveniently deliver the meals to families across the street at Community Regional for those who didn’t want to leave the hospital to enjoy their dinner. Boxed dinners were also assembled and set aside for those family members who could not join us at dinner time. This wonderful meal created an opportunity for our amazing volunteers to join these grateful family members as they enjoyed a warm meal and conversation together. Our community kitchen is certainly the heart of our home… we are so grateful for the wonderful meal and support that was shown to our families by this extraordinary team of volunteers!

Project #2: Easter baskets for all…
With a receipt a mile long… This fun team of volunteers spent their morning shopping for and assembling 20 fabulous Easter baskets - One for each of the current families staying at Terry’s House! The baskets contained a chocolate bunny (a must!), other assorted Easter candies, playing cards, Kleenex, a note pad and pen, chewing gum, fresh fruit, microwavable popcorn, to-go water bottle beverage packets. Each Easter basket was also topped off with a wonderful handwritten note of encouragement for each of our families. What a special and thoughtful gift!

Project #3: Operation: Spring Clean...
We could not be more grateful for the small army of volunteers who spent their day dusting, scrubbing and wiping away all of the built-up grit and grime throughout the house. In an effort to help us “deep clean”, Operation: Spring Clean consisted of volunteers washing windows and doors throughout the house, dusting and organizing book shelves in the library, wiping down and cleaning out refrigerators and our community pantry while also organizing pots, pans and cooking utensils in the kitchen, scrubbing the front porch railings and polishing furniture in our common areas! All of this hard work made such a difference in the look of our facility and was truly appreciated by guests and staff alike!

Project #4: Everything we knew you’d forget…
A large quantity of incidental items were also purchased and donated to Terry’s House in an effort to provide items to house guests that they commonly forget in their rush to the hospital. The team purchased everything from deodorant to Kleenex, sanitary hand wipes to toothbrushes and toothpaste, disposable razors, feminine products and much more… They knew house guests would need these things and they were gracious enough to meet this need for us so that family members don’t need to think about rushing to the store to purchase them! The group even dedicated a few folks to help revamp and organize our product shelves in the linen storage room so that anything a guest may need is now much easier to find!

I am amazed and inspired by the outpouring of time, talents and treasures that this generous group of individuals bestowed upon us at Terry’s House this past Sunday. “Serve Dei” was jam packed with love, care and concern, support, and uplifting… We simply cannot thank you all enough!!! What an IMPACT you’ve made!

Thank you a million times over.

Christa Short
Executive Director, Terry's House

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Thank You!

The baskets contained a chocolate bunny (a must!), other assorted Easter candies, playing cards, Kleenex, a note pad and pen, chewing gum, fresh fruit, microwavable popcorn, to-go water bottle beverage packets. Francesco


What an amazing opportunity for Terry's House & the volunteers!! Such a great thing that we have going here in the Central Valley!

What an awesome way to help

What an awesome way to help our little home away from home. Thank you so very much. (an RT)

Terry's House / Serve Dei

This group inspires me! Truly an act of loving service towards others.

Just another example of the

Just another example of the wonderful acts Terry's House inspires.

This is so great!!! What a

This is so great!!! What a blessing to our families and we can't thank you enough! (A NICU nurse)

Terry's House & Serve Dei

What a blessing!

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