MED Surg on a Mission!

Terry's House Blog Editor: November 11, 20130 Comments

As part of the Community Medical Centers Annual Employee Giving Campaign, we are thrilled to help kick off a Medical Surgical Services (MED Surg) Holiday Employee Giving Campaign an effort aimed at directly supporting Terry’s House this year! Let me start by saying, THANK YOU!!!

Over the past several weeks the wonderfully giving women who make up the Community Regional Medical Center Medical Surgical Services (MED Surg) Administrative Support Team have been working hard to prepare for this focused effort to support our families here at Terry’s House! And, boy have they done an incredible job! We are inspired by the love and compassion that has been shown by this great team! Thank you Joni Hasselbring, LauraBeth Antone, Angela Lee, Alma Hernandez, Alicia Garcia, Claudia Ramirez Medina and Emy Lo for all of your giving hearts, determination and enthusiasm! We are so grateful!

For those of you who don’t know, Community Regional’s Medical Surgical Services consists of the following internal departments: 1 East, 2Central & 2East, 5Central & 5 West, CPCU, 7West & Oncology and 9West.

These MED Surg units will work together with the help of their dedicated administrative support team to reach a goal set at $20,000.00 this holiday season!!! The campaign will run from Nov. 11th 2012 through Jan. 11th 2014 and we are excited to follow their success over the next several weeks!

The end date of this campaign marks the 3rd anniversary of Terry’s House being open to help the families of our most ill and injured patients at Community Regional. We hope to celebrate the success of reaching the $20,000.00 goal and helping to provide a home-away-from-home for the equivalent of 667 nights of lodging for our families!!!

If you are an employee of one of these departments…You can help! Check out the informational materials and “giving tree” posters with your unit Admin’s contact information in your break room…You have a chance to join this campaign and pledge your support to help Terry’s House all while helping your team reach their goal! Talk to your unit Admin and add your name to the giving tree…When you do, some fun incentives will be heading your way!

You can also join in the fun by participating in one of the kick-off events over the next couple of weeks! Join us at Terry's House for some coffee and treats in the morning or pick the afternoon opportunity to enjoy a refreshing beverage and goodies while visiting with the staff and taking a quick tour of this wonderful home that supports so many families. Dates are listed below:

·         Tues. Nov. 12th: 6a-8a

·         Thurs. Nov. 14th: 2p-4p

·         Tues., Nov. 19th: 6a-8a

We look forward to seeing you!

Even if you are an employee of another unit, Terry’s House needs your support! Please contact Katelyn Ashton from the Community Medical Foundation for more information on how you can get involved and give back to Terry’s House through the Annual Giving Campaign! Katelyn can be reached at the information below:

Katelyn Ashton

phone:  559.459.6047 (ex. 56047)

cell:  559.250.9795

We can't wait to share updates with you! Check back on our blog soon or visit us on Facebook to keep up to date on the success of this campaign!

With many thanks,

Christa Short

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