Four-Legged Friends of Terry's House...

Terry's House Blog Editor: July 24, 20121 Comments

For many people, the furry, four-legged friend that meets them at the door with excitement every time they return home, isn’t just a pet; they are a member of the family. This is certainly true for long-time supporters and friends of Terry’s House, Jim and Debbie Christian. The idea to have a pet-friendly guest room at Terry’s House was the Christian’s idea and their lovable black Labrador, Sunnie, became the face of and inspiration for, this special guest room.

Since opening, many families have checked into Terry’s House and have been given the opportunity to utilize this guest room with special amenities for their four-legged friends including tile flooring, a dog crate coffee table, dog food along with the food and water bowls and all of the clean-up essentials (materials that continue to be donated to us by pet lovers in the Valley). These guests couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to stay close by their loved one in a comfortable home-away-from-home that can also accommodate their furry friend with ease and convenience.

We couldn’t be more appreciative and thankful for Jim, Debbie and Sunnie’s constant support and love. The concern they’ve shown to help us meet an unanticipated need has proven to be one of the neatest services we get to offer families. And, it has been so much fun getting to know the four-legged friends of Terry’s House over time!

Our most recent furry family member to stay with us at Terry’s House is Jesse who arrived with his owners, Keith and Melodee Fearing from Norco, CA. The three arrived to support the Fearing’s teenage son, Scotty, who was in need of the higher-level of care available at Community Regional Medical Center. He had sustained major injuries in a mountain biking accident at the start of the family’s summer vacation. With their son facing what could have been a lengthy stay in the critical care unit across the street, the couple could not have been happier to hear about Terry’s House… but, their expectations were exceeded when they learned that a pet-friendly guest room was available to them as well.

We received a neat thank you note this morning from the Fearing family once they returned home from this unfortunate accident and unexpected stay in Fresno. Check out their kind note and pictures below.


“I really want to thank you for the stay at Terry's House. My family went from a great start to a summer vacation to a real bad situation in a second. As you know he was injured in a mountain biking accident. He is going to be OK and is at home recovering. My wife and I were really scared being in a different place with our son on the line. I slept in the car the first night while you were working on getting a room for us. It was so hot and I had to stay with Jesse and make sure he stayed cool. Terry's House gave us a place to stay real close by and piece of mind to leave Jesse so we could tend to Scotty. That was so important to us I can’t thank you enough. I will send a donation and return the room card in the mail. Thanks again for being there for us. Jesse especially says "BARK BARK"

Love - Keith, Melodee, Scotty & Jesse”

We are so glad to hear that Scotty is recovering well! Stories like this fill me up with JOY! I hope they do the same for you!   

-Christa Short, Executive Director       

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I enjoyed reading your article

I enjoyed reading your article such a good story. Thank you for sharing this. I love the dog.

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