Employee Donor-Investor, Paul Smith, is MIXING IT UP!

Terry's House Blog Editor: April 25, 20120 Comments

Long time employee donor-investor, Paul Smith, Leon S. Peters Rehabilitation Center Coordinator, gives back… yet again!

Not only does Paul “give back” each day as he invests his time and talents in working tirelessly towards the healing and rehabilitation of hundreds of our Community Regional patients each year… he has been giving back as an employee donor to the Community Medical Foundation for 10+ years! Paul sets an incredible example for all of us. He knows just how important his investments are in propelling the greatest needs of Community forward. Terry’s House is a perfect example of this and quite simply, cannot survive without employees like Paul.   

Terry’s House has benefited from Paul’s generosity for quite some time now… but, this time, Paul chose to “mix it up” a bit! Earlier this week Paul and his wife donated a brand new Kitchen Aid mixer to the house! How cool is that?! Our families, volunteers and staff are so excited to put it to good use!

There are so many creative ways for folks to get involved here at Terry’s House… One of which is coming in to cook a meal for our families. Providing a meal is one of the simplest and most impactful ways to “give back” to our families in need. With his gift, Paul just made this a heck-of-a-lot easier!

We have had an incredible number of individuals and groups come in to cook a meal since our opening over a year ago. Although families here at Terry’s House have the ability to store their food and cook for themselves in our community kitchen, they are delighted each time they have the opportunity to welcome new visitors into our kitchen. Families just love sharing a meal and connecting with people in our community who care about them… they are most grateful for the love and support that’s exemplified by volunteers cooking a simple meal or even just a batch of warm cookies.

For our families, having to worry about one less thing (like cooking dinner) makes a tremendous difference in the sky-high stress-level of each day that comes with having a loved one in a critical care unit in the hospital. It could mean 30-45 more minutes holding their loved one’s hand at the bedside… it could mean the opportunity to feed their baby girl in the NICU, one last bottle before heading off to bed across the street, after what seemed like, the “longest day ever”. Often at Terry’s House, it could mean the difference between getting to say “goodbye” or, missing that moment. These are all precious moments in times like these... moments our volunteers can ensure these families get to cherish.

Paul couldn’t have said it better, “Short of the new trauma center-Terry’s House is the best thing that has happened in years for our patients and their family members.” I’m sure all of your would agree. So, I challenge each of you…. Join Paul, in making a difference. Contact Terry’s House Manger, Desirey Tolosa at 459-7200 to see how you can get involved at Terry’s House… I promise, it will be the best few hours you’ve spent doing something to give back in a LONG time.

Don’t have the time? Make a difference by becoming an employee donor NOW... Call Community Medical Foundation at 459-2670!

Christa Short                                                                                                                                                                                                 Executive Director, Terry's House

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