Congrats to this year's raffle WINNER!!!

Terry's House Blog Editor: October 08, 20131 Comments

On Saturday, September 28, 2013, the winning raffle ticket was drawn and this year's Harley-Davidson & $10,000 CASH raffle fundraiser came to an exciting end.

The winning raffle ticket #6136 belonged to Mr. James Ashjian who resides in Fresno, CA. Upon receiving the phone call that he won (with hundreds of folks in the audience listening in), Jim was in disbelief... He could not have been more thrilled to win this raffle and even has plans to share his winnings with his son!

Michelle and Chris Cardella, previous Terry's House guests, participated in this special event by sharing their heartwarming story of what Terry's House means to their family... Then, Michelle graciously drew the winning raffle ticket for us! She had to dig deep into the raffle drum that housed the 4,540 tickets that were sold this year!!! Car and motorcycle enthusiasts, donors, friends of Terry's House, Community Medical Centers employees, and those who supported this year's raffle were present at the Spokes-N-Rods 2 event which took place at the Big Fresno Fairgrounds... They had the chance to witness the excitement of the raffle drawing in-person! What a fun day it was!

We are thrilled with the level of operational support this second raffle generated for Terry's House! At $20 per ticket, a total of $90,800 was raised through this year’s raffle! This equates to nearly 3,027 nights of lodging for families here at Terry’s House! WOW!

On behalf of Terry’s House, I would like to thank everyone who participated by purchasing tickets this year! And, to all of the incredible volunteers that helped us sell tickets, your support of this year’s raffle and our home-away-from-home is PRICELESS and we are so very grateful to have you! 

A special thanks goes out to Mr. Tony Bennink who worked so hard for a second year in a row to organize all of our raffle efforts... We could not have done this without your tireless efforts and we are so appreciative to have had such a fun and giving man leading the charge! Thank you, Tony!

Please check out photos taken during the raffle drawing by clicking here. Enjoy!

With many thanks,

Christa Short, Executive Director

One response to Congrats to this year's raffle WINNER!!!

Great Event!

Just wanted to share that me and my children had a great time at the event. Had 2 tickets..didn't win :( but had some hot dogs, saw some awesome cars, met some great people and went home feeling great over the success on behalf of Terry's House. We saw an awesome 58 BelAir Chevrolet. Right on!

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