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In January of this year, Terry’s House celebrated three years of serving 2,200 families from all over this great valley, state, country and world as they remained dedicated to supporting their critically ill or injured loved being treated across the street in one of Community Regional Medical Center’s critical care units.

As a team, we took this opportunity to humbly pause and reflect on all of the generosity that made the initial construction of Terry’s House and the last three years worth of daily operations possible. Little by little, giving individuals, organizations, community groups and our very own Community Medical Centers employees graciously provided 100% of the funding necessary to build Terry’s House. Together, contributions totaled nearly $5 million. No small feat!

Since Terry’s House opened its doors in 2011, these bighearted donor-investors have continued to give and have inspired new contributors to do the same. Together, they have provided the monetary support that is necessary to operate this home-away-from-home to the tune of $500,000 annually. We are in awe of the generosity of this community.

We are often asked how those who are interested can get involved and what difference their contributions will make here at Terry’s House. We would like to share some of our immediate needs with you and invite you to join us in caring for families during the most challenging time in their lives.

Annual Family Assistance

Making up the difference – Leon S. Peters Host Program:
The cost to stay at Terry’s House is a mere $30 a night, but more than 70% of families need financial assistance especially when staying for months on end with no income stream and surmounting expenses (i.e. mortgage, utilities, car payment, child care, medical bills etc.) Average length of stay is 21 days and the longest a guest has stayed was more than a year.

Wish List

It’s the little things – Target Wish List:
Terry’s House is continually in need of the little things that make a home-away-from-home. Visit our wish list at and purchase a “little” item that will make a “BIG” difference here for our families.
Some items include: Dishware, alarm clocks, laundry soap, blow dryers etc.

Host a Meal at Terry’s House

Sustain our families – Terry’s House Meal Program:
Our families spend the majority of their day tending to the needs of their loved one at Community Regional Medical Center. They often forget that they need to care for themselves too. Hosting a meal for our families is an easy way to let them know you care and to ensure they are staying strong for their loved ones by providing the nourishment that is so important during times of great stress.

Immediate Renovation Needs

The heart of the home – Kitchen upgrades:
With at least 20 families utilizing the communal kitchen daily, there are immediate appliance upgrades after such high volume use.

Strength in numbers – Sleeper sofas:
Families come to support their loved one(s), but also one another. We need sleeper sofas for 13 of our large multi-family suites to accommodate families.

A comfortable escape – Guest suite updates:
We have an amazing housekeeping staff, but after three years it’s time to replace comforters, mattress pads, shower curtains, in-room refrigerators, TVs, thermostats, etc.

A necessity – Laundry commercial ventilation upgrade:
When Terry’s House was built it was projected that the average guest would stay for 2 weeks, so the laundry room was equipped with 1 standard washer and dryer (based on projected use.) These units and ventilation can not keep up with the use. We recently obtained funding for commercial units, but can not install them until the ventilation system is upgraded to commercial capacity.

Immediate Operational Needs

Safe and secure – Security services:
Families at Terry’s House go back and forth to the hospital day and night due to the critical state of their loved one(s). Help security services continue escorting families 24 hours a day.

Contact Community Medical Foundation, to learn more (559) 459-2670 or email

Christa Short
Executive Director, Terry's House


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In this time no one seems to

In this time no one seems to inspire me like before. I am getting de motivated day by day. Thanks for this update I loved it.

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