Wii wait to exhale

John Taylor: February 12, 20070 Comments

I've never tried Nintendo's new Wii, the interactive computer experience that requires actual body movement to be part of the game, but it sounds very appealing.  Judging by my performances on actual golf courses, I seem to know a lot about virtual reality.

But Wii could actually be helpful in my job.  That also holds true for the yoga breathing techniques that some big league baseball pitchers are studying, according to the New York Times, to sharpen their focus and shake off nervousness when they're in tight spots.

I could put both to use after reading an Associated Press story in the Feb. 11 Fresno Bee detailing how President Bush is trying to use his regulatory powers to do an end-around on Congress and cut $77 billion from the health care budget.

Imagine if the pending cuts were put into a Wii game.  Sword stroke -- $1.8 billion lopped from teaching hospitals, like Community Medical Centers.  Hockey slap shot -- $5 billion chopped from publicly owned hospitals and nursing homes (yep, that's us, too).  Hard jab to the stomach -- $2.3 billion coughed up by providers of rehab services for the mentally and developmentally disabled.

Now I've worked up a sweat. My heart rate is soaring. Time to switch from Wii to breathing in through my nose and exhaling deeply through my mouth.

Maybe Nintendo will take me up on the concept. I promise to use royalties from my budget-blaster game to teach everyone in health care the value of breathing deep and swallowing hard.