When stupid becomes dangerous

John Taylor: August 03, 20070 Comments

You're an insider, friends tell me. If something needs doing in health care, you know the people who can get it done. You've got an edge. Wrong.

The following have occurred in recent months to me or my family at hospitals, doctors offices, care facilities and pharmacies around the Valley:

  • Wrong prescription medications delivered by local drugstore.

  • Prescription medications lost/misplaced/taken during transit from rehab facility.

  • Blood drawn without gloves. No hands washed, going from patient to patient. No ID card visible. Used syringes dropped, uncapped, into bag for tissue discards.

  • Invoice sent seven months after services rendered.

  • Invoice sent, bill partly paid by carrier -- for care provided to someone with the same name.

So, as legions of doctors and nurses march toward retirement, you think health care will get any smarter? As California goes into its second month without a budget, meaning hospitals and other providers aren't getting paid for Medi-Cal services rendered, you think the brightest minds want to get involved in public service?

You think the slip-ups will get fewer in the future? Only if you like living on the "edge."