What's "Your Community at Work"?

John Taylor: June 06, 20141 Comments

When you help so many so often, it’s hard to keep a chronicle – in your head, let alone on paper. That’s part of the untold story of nonprofit Community Medical Centers. It’s always time for every one of our 7,000+ employees and 1,000+ physicians to tell and retell their stories. And a new tool to help them recently made its debut.

“Your Community at Work” is being published twice a month on a full page of the Sunday Fresno Bee. It’s also being published in the Fresno Business Journal, California Advocate, in Community’s public affairs and Foundation newsletters and on Community’s website.

When you’re the Central San Joaquin Valley’s largest healthcare provider serving so many people and trying to address so many needs, we hope “Your Community at Work” will give you a chance to stop and reflect on the good you’re doing – and to tell your neighbor.

This corporate social responsibility report helps tell how well we’re meeting our mission, acting ethically, being good stewards of our human and fiscal resources and why we are worthy of public support.

Surveys by the California Hospital Association and others indicate that residents throughout the state are largely unaware of the “good citizenship” activities of hospitals. There is need for hospitals to publicly portray the good they do in a concise, factual manner, devoid of advertising or marketing.

Content for “Your Community at Work” falls under these six categories: making care accessible, building relationships, advancing clinical quality, shaping patient care, stewarding our resources, and caring for our workforce. I serve as the primary editor, working closely with Michelle Von Tersch and her communications staff.

You can find “Your Community at Work” and a number of other important documents about the Community story at

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June Advertorial in Fresno Bee

That adorable toddler featured in the June Advertorial is my youngest Grandson. What a treat to see his picture in relation to my wonderful place of employment!

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